Our ambition

Reveal the best of you by the digital.

Equip yourself, improve your resources, your performances, your results. Become your best version, reach your goals, handle the seed of innovation and drive change.

Keep pushing your limits your challenges ... ours.

Computer science, digitization, training, transformation, Achievement and satisfaction.

Because you are unique

Your tools must be unique

Opt for tailor-made solutions designed for unique and positive experience. Soft Engine is SEED software industry cluster. He is responsible for audits, analysis, design and development of software platforms and customized services: Web, Android, IOS, SI, ERP, Fintech ...

Digital skills are the foundation

of a modern strategy

Digital school is the Professional training center of SEED, it is derived in a set of programs aiming at precise profiles: that of the engineers and technicians, of child of 8-18 years and Mr. everybody

For the next generation of passionate engineers ,

for the tomorrow's conquerors

Scholar is a continuing education program in computer engineering dedicated to young people from 8 to 18 years old. Its vocation is to transmit directly applicable practical know-how, while preparing for competitions and international digital Challenges dedicated to this age group

A culture to work better, smarter ,

and produce more

SEED Innovation's HUB is a center equipped with office equipment and has a broadband internet connection. Whether you are a researcher, a professional or a self-employed person, the Hub provides you with a space where you can work and evolve in your activities without worrying about the cumbersome details such as invoices. water, electricity, internet, taxes, security, coffee etc